Oct 26 • 2HR 19M

Red List 38 - The Alien Disclosure Agenda w/ John Carter

[Why Are Spooks Talking About Aliens Now? Seeding Cults, Religion As ET Worship, Taxonomy of UFOs, Inter-dimensional Chomo Conspiracy, Going Beyond Fermi and Klingons and More]

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Rurik Skywalker
Half an hour of me ranting about Russia, Liberals and the beginning of a new era.
Cross-post from The Slavland Chronicles
I've had a couple articles over the last few months discussing the epistemology of the UAP question, but that's all just preparatory material. It's so much more interesting to get into the meat of the subject: if UAPs are real, then what the heck are they doing here? Rurik invited me on his show to dive right into the deep end. We discuss Jaques Vallee's spiritual Control System model, extremely literal biblical translations, cross-cultural data from antiquity, the connection to modern apparitions of the Virgin Mary, UFO cults, and a great deal more during this wide-ranging conversation. I hope you enjoy. -

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