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Wow. With rare exceptions, I’m normally unable to appreciate poetry as it could - or even should - be appreciated.

Something lacking in me rather than in the poetry. I can recognize often that it’s “good”, but if it doesn’t “move” me or stir some right brain hemisphere activation, nothing happens for me other than an interesting intellectual reading exercise.

As a weird friend of mine used to quite crudely say — “If I ain’t feeling it, I ain’t f*#king it.”

Apologies for reiterating that, yet it seemed for me to describe how deeply I was struck on a visceral feeling level whilst reading Blue Sunrise. Right in my heart and gut.


Also struck by your description of the blue light in your poetry and how it was a symptom of the arrival of destruction.

Because something my friend, J, said to me a few days ago.

To Wit: “Evil HATES forgiveness.”

And whilst examining that idea, the thought occurred to me that so many people are stating that they see this time period as a spiritual war — a war between the forces of darkness and light — between God/Christ and the angel satan or lucifer.

Which made me think about how Lucifer is referred to as the Light Bringer.

Ok — but what is the quality of Lucifer’s light?

To me, Luciferian light is blindingly bright blue-white light. Like computer screens. And information can be considered a form of light. Information is not necessarily always truth. It can be lies as well, yes?

So, close your eyes and just imagine blindingly blue-white light.

What can you see?

I couldn’t see anything but brilliant white light.

If there were anything existing within that bright light, it was invisible to me. Blocked out by the light.

It may as well have been ink black darkness as far as being able to SEE anything.

Then I thought about the quality of light from our Sun. Which symbolizes the Divine creator such as god or Christ.

And that light is a warm golden glow which actually reveals all. Nothing can hide in that light. This light allows me to SEE clearly.

Then we have the story about how lucifer thought he was equal to or even superior to god — the creator of all.

Well, why would he not consider himself superior? Look at how bright his light is compared to god’s gentle amber glow.

That lucifer is himself blinded by his own brightness and therefore unable to SEE himself as he is — results in only being capable of a wishful thinking sort of SEEing. That’s all anyone who is blinded and cannot see would be able to rely upon.

So it can be a war of dark against light.

Could it also be a war of light against light?

Would it change anything to shift my understanding this war?

It’s basically a war of the Seers against those who cannot SEE. The Seers vs the Not-Seers.

And the way to SEE is to align with the Divine because the Divine Light is what allows us to SEE.

For those aligned with the wishful thinking bright white light, how could they SEE — because the light they’re aligned with blinds them to the truth.


The point about evil hating forgiveness, I’ve been examining that too. And I’m beginning to understand a little of why that might indeed be true.

Because redemption and mercy and forgiveness can be found only within the realm of the Divine god-Christ consciousness.

Don’t see lucifer as forgiving or merciful myself. It’s a pretty ruthless predatory mindset in my view.

So evil would of course hate forgiveness because forgiveness is a trait and attribute of the Divine.

Could forgiveness be the one attitude that lucifer and his followers cannot compete with?

Is there no weapon to destroy forgiveness?

Can forgiveness be our ace in the hole?

Is it a form of checkmate?

I’m still getting more insights on this so it’s not even a hypothesis or theory.

Just something for me to further consider.

And why I even went down that tangential path is because your Blue Sunrise soo reminded me of what I’ve been considering myself about different qualities of light.

Maybe not all light is equal to all other light.

That possibly some light is more life-giving and other forms of light are more anti-life.

Just some thoughts. 🤗

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Excellent commentary. That's the thematic content that I was trying to communicate by implication.

As to your reaction to most poetry, that isn't a flaw in you. Most modern poetry sucks.

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Lolol. Re poetry appreciation.

Maybe for me poetry seems to work better with music?

Which is why I laughed so hard when I listened to you speak-rap the Blue Sunrise. Because the cadence of your vocal delivery imbued the poetry with a musicality that was missing for me when I only read the words rather than heard the words.

Thank you, John, for all your writings.

It’s impossible to use words to describe the viscerally profound healing effects I’ve experienced whilst reading your essays. And that is true for me when reading the comments made by others as well.

This is an awesome community you all are creating and I feel soo blessed, grateful and privileged to be exposed to your beautiful conversations.

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That's why I recommended listening. I've had others remark that just reading my poetry doesn't communicate the sense of it as effectively as when it's recited, which is quite intentional. I've always written poetry (as supposed to prose) with verbal delivery in mind. Even when I was really young that struck me as instinctively natural. Later I learned that poetry in the earliest times was meant to be purely oral. I suspect much of the decay of poetry as an art form has been due to its having become a purely written medium.

As to the community in the comments, I've said it before, but it can't be repeated enough: that's my favorite part of doing this. Some really fascinating and brilliant people have been gathering here. I'm consistently stunned at the quality of their remarks.

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Yes. This all is making more sense to me now.

The Bards. The Troubadours. The Druids.

And that they exercised their memories by remembering—by memorizing.

I have a couple of friends who are partners and I was astonished at my own reaction to their poetry.

I actually LOVED their poetry. The first time I’d ever liked any poetry.

We would be gardening together when one or the other would feel inspired to write & then read aloud what came through them.

And I was constantly asking them — oh please slow down. Pause so I can take in more fully what you are saying because it is so beautiful that I don’t want to miss any of the many meanings and nuances and feelings your poetry is activating within me.

True of prose readings as well actually. Way too fast. Please slow the delivery down.

I’m reminded of a situation from way back in 2010 when N. & I — just for fun — decided to listen to some YouTube channel claiming to be a channel from some galactic federation.

And one of those computer-generated voices starts downloading a bunch of stuff (basically lies) into our minds at such a fast rate, we could not even process it before the next sentence came.

I said — No, no, no. This is pure hypnosis tactics. To deliver packets of information so fast we don’t even have time to critically think or examine what they’re saying. They are deliberately trying to bypass our rational, thinking minds. I really don’t like that they’re doing this. I don’t trust any source that tries to install a bunch of information into our subconscious minds where those ideas can so easily and automatically take root by default.

Also — speaking more slowly allows the listener to exercise their own free-will to reject or question what the speaker is saying. And I LIKE giving others the opportunity to say No to anything I tell them.

Thanks again, John, for elaborating on the benefits of spoken word vs. written word.

I do usually prefer reading info to watching videos or podcasts because it’s easier for me to read at my own pace and pause to examine, look up definitions, follow links, digest and consider and connect dots whilst reading than whilst listening.

Yep. Amazing community. I can understand how tickled you must feel to read the comments here.

Only the genuine, sincere ones can breach this frequency fence. The trolls don’t stand a chance because they can be and are immediately spotted and they eject themselves. Lol

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Frequency fence. I like that image. Useful concept I think.

Unfortunately though the trolls don't eject themselves. I need to do that part ;) so far, thankfully, that's been rare, but I expect it will change if the blog grows in popularity.

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"Because redemption and mercy and forgiveness can be found only within the realm of the Divine g-d-Christ consciousness."

And because true forgiveness is so monumentally difficult to achieve, it does grant you some protection against evil. (Or maybe I'm just a fool for redemption arcs, the latter is most likely.)

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Yes. “True “ forgiveness IS monumentally difficult to achieve.

Don’t I know? From first hand experience.

The times I’ve achieved “true” forgiveness is when I reach a state that goes beyond even needing to forgive. Because there’s nothing to forgive. When I’m able to reach THAT state, then ALL feels completely resolved.

At the moment, I am only able to achieve an “intellectual” form of forgiveness towards various people in my past and present (not to mention all the psychoz inflicting so much pain and suffering upon humanity since forever).

I’m going back through my childhood memories of instances when even as a young girl, I felt such hatred and desire for payback — vengeance, vindictiveness — truly wishing for their death.

Which, as I recall, began at my very birth. The doctor holding me upside down and spanking my butt. To get me to breathe. The absolute fury and rage I felt towards that doctor — I wanted to kill him right there and then.

So years later, when a friend of mine reminded me to “breathe” — I told her — “Don’t you EVER EVER tell me to breathe!! I KNOW how to breathe!! STOP telling me TO breathe and STOP telling me HOW to breathe!!”

I can’t even describe the tone of voice that came through me when I told her that.

And besides the harm done to me, I feel beyond incensed even more so at what others do to harm others than at what others do or have done to “harm” me.

My ego sense of outrage at what I perceive as injustice and unfairness goes ballistic.

Basically, just a mirror attitude of Lucifer’s outrage at god. Which means I’ve been aligned with lucifer rather than god all these years — whilst fooling myself that I’m aligned with the Divine.

No. I was not aligned with the Divine.

The only redemption recourse I have is to FEEL in my very heart and soul the unconditional visceral forgiveness that Christ felt towards all who harmed or intended to harm him.

Because that very desire and drive to punish and inflict equal harm back into one’s “enemies” is what traps me in Lucifer’s lair of lies and blinds me from the TRUE SEEing that comes from aligning with Christ’s light — which is the Divine Light.

So yeah. It does seem a monumental task at the moment. Which is why I’ve had to ask the Divine for help to feel forgiveness. Because my ego resists so strenuously — because my ego, by default, is naturally aligned with lucifer.

There’s no way out of this trap unless and until the Divine grants forgiveness to me for refusing to forgive others. So first I am asking forgiveness and absolution from the Divine.

First steps first.

Asking forgiveness requires humility.

First acknowledging my faults and sins against the Divine Then confessing my sins. Then humbly and sincerely asking god-Christ for forgiveness. Making amends (penance) where possible.

Doesn’t matter to me whether or not the Christ as described in the New Testament actually historically ever existed. I just know-feel that that specific particular aspect of “consciousness” does exist — regardless of evidence, or historical proof or lack thereof.

Maybe it’s just a case of having faith in the unseen invisible realms — even though those realms lack physical proof as well.

I don’t intend to dismiss or discard the existence of those invisible realms just because some materialists declare they cannot exist. Maybe for them, those invisible realms don’t exist. They are free to do so without me arguing with them about it.

Thank you for reminding me that because it is such a monumental task to reach a state of forgiveness that I simply need to ask for help in order to do so.

That provided the two missing puzzle pieces I needed in order to realize I was skipping two steps.

1. Asking for forgiveness for my own sins, and

2. Asking for help to forgive others.

Muchos Mahalos. 🥰 🧚‍♀️

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It hadn't occurred to me you were an actual poet, but I agree with Jay.

I didn't bother reading the poem - it really was written with auditory performance in mind.

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I just now listened to you speaking Blue Sunrise and I broke out laughing. Rapping the Truth out-of-the-blue sunrise. Kudos! Lol

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Thanks for sharing. It reminds me of when my h.s. physics teacher told us that the sun would eventually blow up and kill everyone on the planet. But he also mentioned that we would all be probably dead by then...

Your interpretation was much more poetic ;-)


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"if by some unaccountable failure of taste"

I have so much more esteem for you now. I started to read the poem, then I turned on the audio, and then I read it again after hearing you read it. I sometimes write poetry for days, edit a bit, leave it, forget what I've written and never look at it again. I'm fairly certain you are now my favorite writer on Substack.

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John, are you familiar with an amazing artist, Blue Sky?

Here is his first work I saw in Columbia, South Carolina back in the early 70s.

This piece made me think of him.


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No, that's the first I'd heard of this artist. Thanks for the link, I'll check out his work.

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A mini version of When Worlds Collide, which I read when I was 16. Pushed me over the edge. I feel your pain. Although this saved me from the affliction of frivolous pursuits.

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That guy worthy is blocking my comment, be careful. Keep up with poetry!

This is what I wrote:

"Moral systems based on supposed emancipation, the search for equality, emotivism, and similar grounds will vanish."

Charles, I've read your Foundationalism treatise. I certainly support all you've written. However . . .

You don't discuss the two major problems: race and sex. You say we need Christianity and a revival and excellence and that our problems originate with the Enlightenment. Couldn't agree with you more.

But the Biden administration's number one goal is to defeat something called "white supremacy." Trouble is, white supremacy was certainly established before the Enlightenment. [Maybe you don't want to tackle this head on for fear of bringing down the regime's wrath. I don't blame you and this ought to tell you something.]

I think that anyone who attempts to establish Foundationalism will be immediately attacked as a racist, sexist, homophobe evil rotten KKK Putler and will be treated like the Charlottesville- J6- and Russian haters. The PTB will use this would-be Kaiser, like they already have, as a Reichstag moment and bury him. This works because of fundamental racial and sexual reality that supercedes religion and culture. We are dealing with primordial sins, Envy, Pride (gay pride), lust, greed, etc. that are driving the whole Dionysian process.

Apparently, you hope things get so bad that white men will forget about being stigmatized as racist or sexist. But, we already did this in the 60s with cities burning and riots everywhere. I don't think (western) white men are capable of doing much else – but simply give blacks and women more concessions. They just don't have it in them. Look at the George Floyd cult with kneeling Nancy and money flowing into black NGOs. Plus, forced integration at Nasdaq corporations. Things aren't moving in a Kaiserly direction, my man.

I think the train left the station for the West quite a while ago. Blacks (and women) took the measure of white men and found them wanting. I'd recommend a save your own soul approach for the average white guy or you'll end up like the Charlottesville fellow with a 300-year prison sentence. Courageous white men are so out-classed in every other way they don't stand a chance.

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Heh. This was kinda written from a place of raging against the woke. The final scene with the last surviving human being a blastocyst was a subtle but very deliberate tweak of their noses (although I don't think any of them picked up on that).

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Melancholia was something of a cinematic influence. I saw it shortly before writing this. Haven't seen Don't Look Up yet but I've heard good things about it.

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That's what I heard, which is a large part of why I didn't bother. Very little worth watching these days.

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What's the quote from?

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Nah I'm just lazy.

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