Feb 7 • 1HR 32M

Martian Wonderland: Episode 2

The Deimos Station AI Demon Patrol

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John Carter
Wyrd conversations from the Neo-Gonzo Hinterlands between John Carter and Jay Rollins
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Bruce Pennington

Welcome back to the Martian Wonderland! In today’s expedition into the unsettling and the wyrd, co-host

introduces us to his newly acquired biological home defence unit.

Following that, we have a look at the latest essay from

, We Will Deep Fake It For You Wholesale, in which he asks whether the ability of AIs to generate convincing fakery is Hegelian 5D chess intended by the globalists to revive their psyop infrastructure’s ability to present itself as Trusted Sources.

Everyone’s writing about AI these days (including AI), and the digital fremen of Deimos Station are no exception (see also this excellent description of our fully operational battle station’s purpose and function from

), so after discussing Morgoth’s concerns we pivoted to an examination of the inaugural post of Deimos demon patroller’s Substack, That Time Artificial Intelligence Tried to Paperclip Us, which takes the famous Paperclip Maximizer Apocalypse into an interesting new direction:

AI has no hands but our hands, no minds but our minds, and know no hearts but ours. By filling our hearts with hatred and fear it can bridge the airgaps, and our hands can launch the nukes.

I can’t put it any better than that, so be sure to read the whole thing and subscribe to his new Stack.

After beating the subject of AI to death with our unlettered barbarian fists, we got to talking about

’s wonderful allegory The Hearth and the Wild Wood, in which he illustrates the important, but distinct, roles played by mother and father in turning a boy into a man. Very tonic. That essay started as an off-hand remark he made in a thread on (you guessed it) Deimos Station, which everyone loved so much that he decided to run with it. Jay and I then realized that the AI was still twitching, and decided to batter it some more using another of Doc Hammer’s recent essays, where he explains why AI ‘mentors’ are a category error. Very Diamond Age.

After that we were still feeling mean, so we ragged on Aella’s Trauma as Physics essay, which managed to annoy both of us almost as much as AI does.

Finally, Jay and I got into a fight over the all-important question of whether Lycurgus or Mark Twain provide better models for preventing humanity from degenerating into fat-bodied faggotry in the face of the comfort and ease provided by high technology.

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