What I'm about to say is coming from "the trenches" (seeing as I'm 22), but the way I see it is this:

1.) Life now means living with one hand behind your back. You're constantly dealing with people of weak visions and voices, and no concreteness of morality or intellect. Nothing feels worse than being chained to a wishy-washy world. It's both oxymoronic and just plain moronic.

2.) Above all else, whatever positive change should be made, it must start from within. I don't work out as hard as I did in high school, but I exercise, I take care of myself, and I stay building. Building my mind, my constitution, my skills. It's why "365 Infantry" and a lot of my fiction centers on heroes and hot rods. Fighters of great skill squaring off against great evils, often riding an iron horse or sat behind the wheel, dressed in denim and leather. These are people (and wolves and other assorted creatures) who must thrive in the face of dire circumstance, sometimes just for their own amusement and out of spite. It's why I'm drawn to heavy metal and fever-dream jazz. Music that makes a statement, that has power. I am drawn to these intuitively. The strength, the vision, the drive. That shit's attractive.

3.) I don't force the matter of dating right now, because I don't see anyone worth my time. The modern dating game is made of equal parts delusions and dishonesty. When all anyone cares about is getting screwed, you get the materialist shit-show on display. Guys driven mad by cravings, girls looking for no commitments, neither realizing something meaningful can bring a greater pleasure than any one-night stand. In a perverse way, my time at college taught me to focus on making the best version of myself so that I can have that meaningful relationship. A self-made man beats staying chained to a desk, and with that self-making comes confidence, and with that comes drive, the rest flows from there. When someone catches my eye and has the willingness to commit that I have, that's the girl to go for. I can only hope all of you don't blow this to hell before that happens lmao.

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The Nine Realms of Decadence (WIP)

Asgard = Adgard - the place the Aesir tell you you should be living

Alfheim = DIEheim - land of the Bright Elves, the chosen people who are allowed to be as wrathful as they want - the woke, the billionaires, the diverse.

Jotunheim = Hoetunheim - an orgy. Just, an eternal orgy of giants.

Midgard = Mediagard - the place you live in according to media, blown up and hyperbolized for your consooming benefit

Muspellheim = Managerheim - Safety World, the corporate world, the academic world, where advancement depends on pleasing your fire giant bosses who can brand you as a deplorable.

Nidavellir = Need-em-vellir - the realm of the Dwarf tradies who actually keep things running

Niflheim = Nihilheim - the realm of normal working people who have a hard time imagining affording a home, a car, or getting a promotion

Svartalfheim was canceled for being the realm of the Black Elves. This was considered inappropriate.

Vanaheim = The Banished. Vanaheim was the home of the Vanir, which Wikipedia says are a group of gods associated with wisdom, fertility, and ability to see the future. So, parents.

By the way, about Valhalla:

Valhalla = Fauxhalla, which seems to be a good proxy for the Pixel Valhalla you describe.

On the topic of allegorical schizoposting, I read Dracula recently and found a wealth of things that modern vampire media doesn't emphasize, but in my opinion, should.


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Sounds like we need a Butlerian Jihad. "Thou shalt not make a computer in the likeness of a human mind"

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This is why lifting is so crucial. It develops aggression, it is completely objective, and it gives a real sense of accomplishment. In other words, it is the opposite of porn and video games. Much is made about the benefits of lifting for old people, but I think it's even more important for those in their teens and early 20s.

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My rural chapel teamed with three others to create a men’s fellowship group called “The Forge”. We meet every other Saturday morning to learn how to bang metal into useful objects. Attracts nubes as well as farmers who haven’t mastered that skill. Also features axe throwing. The medium term goal is to make our own axes to throw. Different kind of Christian men’s group that might be imitated by others looking for a place to get together with like minded spirits. And at the end of the day of comraderie there is a tangible product as well - not a golf scorecard

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whoof... a lot going on here, John, well done.

First, Brooks and his ilk are totally full of shit. Sexuality operates on the supply-side. The capital needed to buy it is precious and must be conserved (manners, fitness, honor, income, flirt skills, etc). Porn and robots provide a demand-side, flooding the sexual market with fiat currency. Like food stamps, the food eaten is junk. Sexual obesity is the result.

Second: "A healthy response would be for men to turn their backs entirely... build independent competence hierarchies of their own..." Yeah, we had those, American Legion, Kiwanis, Elks, Eagles, Shriners, Masons, Odd Fellows, Knights of Columbus, Eagle Scouts, Billy's tree house with BB gun and some National Geographics. Had'em and they were all tore the hell up. Sure, they remain, graying into oblivion, few new members.

If there is one trouble with liberating feminists, and women in general, is that they cannot distinguish between a glass ceiling and paper walls. Ceiling in the way of fairness? Fine, break it.

But for Man's SAKE leave the walls up, ladies, however few remain, and there are damn few. Our manly institutions were not ceilings, as you now well understand. We needed them and so did you. So help us put them back.

Men: Women connect through feelings, men connect through experience. Battle, victories, defeats, building, debauchery and barbershops. Go out and build something, hunt or fish with other men. And guard that time like it was a urology appointment.

Shit startin' to piss me off.

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There is always the green angle. The global warming thingy can be an excuse for dystopia -- or it can be an excuse for reviving the pioneer spirit. See the early episodes of "The Dukes of Hazzard" for the intersection of redneck masculinity and alternative energy.

Making a house truly off grid requires serious guy stuff.

Sustainable agriculture is much more labor intensive than paint by numbers mass agriculture. Muscle is involved as well. Get those urban hippie chicks out to your organic farm.

And yes, it helps to do "grass farming" on a community basis. Animals don't have days off. You need friends nearby if you want to have any time off.

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"If they’re correct about this, if they are successful in imprisoning a lost generation of men in Pixel Valhalla while bewitching them into simulationships with digital succubi, then I think they will win in their quest to enslave the world."

I think this is a safe assumption to make, and one that makes our current predicament quite perilous. Not to air my own dirty laundry or self-incriminate, but I have my own experiences from my time wasted in the virtual den of the lotus-eating indulgence to know exactly the kind of power these artificial and parasocial relationships can have over a vulnerable mind, and how difficult and grueling the extraction process of returning to reality and finding out who you actually are under all the layers of overgrown dust, dirt, rust, and general filth you accrued over the years can really be. I always compare my own journey back to being a functional, independent person like resocializing an abused dog. It's not easy and it takes a long time, and it's for that reason that I think we won't see many escapees from Pixel Valhalla. Of course, I'm willing to admit that I'm pessimistic, and the amount of men with the untapped will-power to break free may surprise me (looking back, if I saw myself from years ago from the position I'm in now without knowing better, I would not have given myself good odds). But I also don't think everyone can be saved or rescued. I tried to bring some people along with me in my metaphorical jailbreak, but I realized some of them are like drowning men - if you try to offer a hand, they'll only pull you back down with them. Worse - some people don't want to be saved.

Which brings me to my ultimate point that I bring up a lot, which is the great bifurcation of society we're seeing that will only grow worse and worse. We'll have people who reject all the trappings of the WEF Hyper-Corporate Dystopia, and the ones who embrace it. Of course, I doubt those of us who don't want to get a Musk-built X-branded "Brain Expander 9000" which can be used by the powers that be orgasm you to death at the push of a button implanted in our heads will just be allowed to "quietly opt out", in the end, but that's one of those "We'll cross that bridge when we get there" things.

Whatever the case is, there are people who will embrace what's the come, and people who won't, and those of us who won't may have to pay the ultimate price for that freedom. But, as I said, it may beat the alternative. If there is a Hell, in my limited imagination, I think it can only be marginally worse than being trapped in a virtual reality in which Zuckerberg reigns as some despotic demiurge.

Anyways, great article. Lots of very colorful, poetic imagery, too, makes for a very enjoyable read.

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"So they built longships and joined brotherhoods of steel and blood, and ventured out to take the land and women of others."

Like Arabs did, from the other direction.

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I just want to put in a brief word for the non-"masculine" men among us. You can develop your traditional masculine virtues through sports and other interests such as motorcycling or music. This is what I did. In the workplace you can carve out some room of your own. I worked for years in a predominantly female environment. You keep your mouth shut and cultivate your strengths. I was smart, witty, eccentric, snappy dresser. I never got a proper promotion, there was no way the likes of me was going to be offered anything like that. But... I was also a role model for male students who were looking for something other than jock/macho/ stud/ loudmouth etc. And female students could relate to that too. The only way we are going to get out of this mess is reclaiming all kinds of valid masculinities. That is through role models. We had loads of them when I was young. Where have they gone?

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The collapse into nihilism has been a trend since at least the Enlightenment/Industrial Revolution, if not before. Our society is fully steeped in materialistic nihilism from A to Z, regardless of one's religious affiliations. Nietzsche famously said that "God is dead", and with 8+ billion people on earth rapidly heading toward 10+ billion, and with massively declining natural resource reserves, the world is going to become a much harder to live place, much harder than we have currently experienced. This 4chan post from 2013 is still quite prescient: https://substackcdn.com/image/fetch/f_auto,q_auto:good,fl_progressive:steep/https%3A%2F%2Fsubstack-post-media.s3.amazonaws.com%2Fpublic%2Fimages%2F1ae79e40-6005-4ae0-8fcf-82b6add7c2e4_1140x634.png

The great riddle of this age is how to remove the shackles of a purely materialist, so-called "technocratic bureaucratic expert" society, and return to a worldview of idealism and quality instead of quantity, which must in part involve a transvaluation of values away from egalitarianism. Whether such a feat can be accomplished at such a late hour, I have my doubts...

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> I don’t really suggest bridal IRL troll raids as a serious large-scale strategy. Even if they worked a few times, the system would certainly adapt to make future raids impossible. It’s likely that campus codes of conduct would be amended to allow summary expulsion, assuming they don’t already. Besides, that specific tactic is only really available for college students, and increasingly, young men aren’t going to college anyhow.

Fun fact, most classes don't do any checking of IDs at the door.

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Stellar writing John.... I truly weep for my teenage sons.

Just finding a girl who isn't self-culling with "The Vax" or whatever the next suicidal social upgrade demands is almost impossible.

If this failed empire goes out with a bang there will be opportunities aplenty after the fires burn out. If this society just dissolves slowly with a whimper then all could be lost.

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This is all very angsty & grim but the Germans might call it "Sturm undt Drang". As in a literary style of bodice rippers in the mid 1800s...

I recall a Scando demography prof lecturing at London uni students, plotting out age & ethnicity of the planet, upto 2100 AD. It was perhaps 10 years ago

The Anglosphere is alredy contracting, I was fascinated by his assertion that Whitey wasn't even counted IN the Southern Hemisphere in the latter half of the 2000s.

Whitey is contracting into Europe & North America and will become about 11% of genpop by end of the 2qst century. BRICS et all will put paid to the Amerikan Empire, broke, busted, gay.

Here in Oz, the Elites are now attempting utter disenfranchisement of Whitey using "The Voice", a referendum to strip all Anglo citizens of the right to free speech and flood the nation with islamisists, Indians & Chinese, to increase birth rates for Tax Base.

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I'm imagining a credential-granting alternative to college. In the woods. Computers are STRICTLY forbidden.

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Samsara is Nirvana.

Funny, lately I've come to the dim realization that all that monastic chanting (of both types, Western and Eastern, both of which I have partaken in) are mostly distractions and dead ends -- they only do something Real if you bring to them some force of Will. And probably the monasteries did their best to drain men of Will, same as pixel Valhalla.

I don't think the monster can win in the long run, the masculine force of Will is baked into the fabric of the universe and must eventually rebel. When it does it will be bloody. When it actually happens is anybody's guess.

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