I love how you think and write, but I have to say it seems very clear that the "virus" was a means to an end. The end being the injections. The virus created the fear and the motivation to sell the shots. They were extremely gung-ho to get them into 80% of the population on earth. Their target. The marketing was like nothing in human history. The peak surreal moment, for me, was that live televised concert with J-Lo and the Foo Fighters and god only knows who else, desperately pushing the viewers to get those jabs. Like some dark satire out of a Paul Verhoeven movie. And they're still at it, trying a bit desperately now to get them, multiple times with the "boosters," into every living human on earth, over and over again. And we now know they alter human DNA, which they at first denied. It's the most evil thing in our planet's history, and even has a palpable "alien invasion" vibe to it. It's creepy as hell and we still don't know what the end game is, as the altering of the human genome is long-term. They have stayed that reducing the human population is one of their goals, so we can expect birth rates to plummet. And they already have.

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What if the global elites DO have an antidote? They don’t think nationally. It’s an Elysium class. We’re useless eaters. Release the mild gimpy Kraken, pump up the fear, inject as many arms as you can. The sick get dumber, the injected get infertile and get clots and turbo cancer and heart diseases. New aristocracy with much smaller population of peons.

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I think you are over the target. The goals likely were 1) screw up the Trump economy, 2) make people into NPCs, 3) cover the looming collapse from ending QE, 4) cull the elderly population to lower costs to care for elderly, 5) get mRNA shots approved and 6) further the Great Reset. Since there were several different overlapping factions, some goals were only held by a few of the factions, instead of all of them.

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This post certainly opens up Pandora’s Box, again. I agree with Horselover that the main purpose of the virus was to get as many people, especially the young, jabbed. Even so, the virus could have many uses, from disrupting the global economy, creating an Orwellian state in a matter of months before our very eyes, and making us all a little dumber. More like the “cattle” pejorative that the elite enjoy using.

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This one is tough to prove. China did have a big motivation to research coronaviruses as they had a couple of previous SARS attacks. And I can utterly believe that scientists would play gain of function games in order to understand the virus. I know enough scientists. This one fits the personality profile of some people I have known over the years.

The rush to use mRNA vaccines also fits known patterns. Those who invent a new kind of hammer are eager to find an appropriate nail to use it on. Throw in corporate greed and the legal problem of continuing vaccine production after any other remedy is found and you have sufficient motivation to downplay ivermectin. No grand coordinated campaign is necessary.

Finally, I'd note that I have found conspiracy theorists to be notorious in misreading documents. A warning by a government agency gets morphed into a plan by the same agency. I've seen a warning against a totalitarian strategy by a World Economic Forum member interpreted as advocacy for such a strategy. The misinterpretation was so bad that I want to read Klaus Schwab's book for myself to find out what he's really saying -- but the damn book is so boring that I conk out after a few pages.

Just because the government was running SARS drills before COVID-19 hit doesn't mean that the government wanted SARS to hit. Being prepared is what protective agencies are supposed to do.

(But yes, grabbing power is another thing that protective agencies do...)


So, whereas a mix of honest effort plus the usual public choice perverse incentives could explain all that happened, I'd like to point out that Larry Niven wrote a book in 2000 in which elitists manufacture a bug in order to get people to take a vaccine, a vaccine which reduces fertility. See "Saturn's Race".


Also note that COVID-19 hits the eldest the hardest. Our government is going broke making retirement payments...

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Personally, I vacillate between Brian Mowrey's and J.J. Couey's theories.

As for the 'dumbing effect', I don't really buy into that based on my own experience with Covid, and that of my family's and close friends'; furthermore, your sound, sober and intelligent writing post-Covid is evidence that you have sufficiently recovered.

Lastly, I haven't really been able to move on from this at all. It continues to be a primary focus of mine. Why? Because of the injustice, the insanity, the cruelty, and the epochal social effects of the last three years. It is extremely disheartening to learn that, according to many worldwide polls, a significant portion of humanity (particularly, the young adult cohort) believes that the only mistakes made during this colossal bamboozlement was that government(s) didn't respond more vigorously. Now, how does one come to terms realizing that there will be no justice, no accountability, no reconciliation, and, that this will more than likely happen again? Seriously! How? Because, everyday, I struggle to accept that, according to many of my fellow human beings, this was a justifiable and reasonable human response.

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I'm leaning towards Fort Deepdix in MD and their very public shutdown in Summer of 2019. It's a BSL4 gov't facility working on the nastiest bugs on Earth. My best guess is their broken exhaust handler was likely broken for a LONG time, probably months. Remember "Evali"? That's what they finally coined as the vaping popcorn lung thing that liquified the lungs of several hundred people that spring/summer. Blamed on 'vapes' the condition had a high fever and often presented in clusters of dead and injured. We know that at least 2 nursing homes near the Deepdix portal experienced... ahem.... nobody will officially talk about it... that summer.

So consider this. It's likely many different pathogens were blown out into the community as early as say.... January of 2019. Once the leak was discovered just imagine the shitstorm of Phear, loathing, and some laughter among the various Dr. evil apparatchiks.

Sarscov2 was merely one of the escaped variants. It survived and prospered mainly because of it's low lethality and extremely high transmission rates unlike "Evali".

Everything we see since then has been an elaborate cover story and profiteering by the cancerous organs of the state intelligence apparatus.

We still call it the "Spanish Flu" over a 100 years later when everyone now knows it came from a militard base in Kansas.

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Your full of shut. I,ve hud covaids 2 tims an d am just az smurt.

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The fact that you're still coming up with words like "enstupidating" and "bedumbening" even after being imbecilated could cause your theory to become somewhat enflattened.

I can't remember where I read it, but someone postulated that the jabs themselves were designed to make people more obedient to the narratives (neurology anyone?), which made the vaccinees ever more difficult to reason with. I thought that sounded pretty crazy at the time. On the other hand...

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My working hypothesis for long covid is that in that state of brain fog you lose good habits and build bad ones. That combined with the malaise of late stage bureaucracy/externalized locus of control leads to persistent declines in cognitive performance.

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Very interesting write-up, I have been connecting the dots in a similar way.

Somehow all large events that have unfolded over the last years lead to a rapid altering of society, in which the population is controlled via technology like CBDC's, digital ID's and biometric monitoring. Covid was used to accelerate a lot of this.

An example of this is the seemingly clear divide between east and west, but if you dig a little deeper you see that even in Russia these control measures are being implemented. They locked their population down, used a vaccine developed with help form astrazeneca, implemented digital controls for their population, and are at the forefront of developing a CBDC. China is already mostly there. Even countries like Saudi Arabia are starting concepts like the Line City to herd their population in a nicely controlled environment. Things like 15-minute cities are popping up everywhere in the world.

As to the question of the virus being lab-made, I think it is not the most important question to ask. The question is: why is suddenly every country on earth trying to turn their society into a digital prison using similar technology that is somehow being developed everywhere at the same time? Is this a coordinated effort, or is this somehow a natural evolution of a society in which governments are upping their ever present efforts to increase their hold on populations? I tend to think it is the former.

All roads lead to to a digital prison society with a dumb, obedient peasant population being lorded over by a small clique of technocrats.


Edit: on feeling dumber after the infection, I seriously feel this way (I am not vaccinated, and had covid twice if you believe the PCR tests). It feels as if my mind moves slower, and it feels as if the people around me have the same problem. For me this was the worst immediately post-covid, and is slowly improving. Having said that, it is just a feeling that cannot be objectively quantified.

Edit 2: I very much doubt the narrative that lots of people on here have about the elites being some sort of all powerful secret nazis dead set on depopulation. Besides some anecdotes from people like Gates wanting to reduce the world population and this having some relation with vaccines, there is not much clear evidence for this. If this were true, then why would they allow the population of africa and much of asia to explode? This has been made possible with western technology en free aid to these countries. Why do they import turd-worlders en masse into the first world? It just doesn't make sense.

What would make more sense, is that there is a depopulation agenda for whites mainly of western european descent, and to a lesser extent high iq east asians (for example japan). Somehow all major governmental policies of these countries (feminism, anti-natalism, mass immigration) result in less of these people, and more of low iq immigrants.

I think the results of this fit perfectly with the creation of a digital prison society. For this, you need a dumb compliant population, not a high iq population with a tradition of independence and toppling dictators (founding stock americans being a prime example of this).

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One of the features of reported history that has alway fascinated me is the report that in many cases, the financiers of wars financed both sides of a conflict. Which means that these financiers were confident that things are arranged in such a way that they can remain insulated and protected from the armies they are enabling the formation of. How is this possible? It must be that they know there is always a ready supply of ambitious leaders they can raise and shift their support behind to unmake any pyramid they have made. It must be a matter of attrition--they can just keep supplying fuel until whoever they wish to undermine is fatally weakened “seven ways from Sunday” by the next aspirants they choose to assist. The art of ruthless management of conflicts must be such that a little guy with a briefcase can remain in control of huge juggernauts by controlling the foci of their attention to carry out the huge destructive and constructive work of forcing groups of people to do what you want them to do, which is kill large numbers of each other.

In the case of this covid scam it was necessary to get billions of people to forget/ignore that it takes a minimum of 10+years cautious testing/monitoring to produce a “vaccine” that a sane person could allow themselves to be injected with because they were at least armed with some carefully collected statistics to understand more accurately what their chance of a bad side effect was. This most basic caution used to be common knowledge for every six-year-old, part of “don’t put that in your mouth because it could be poison” lessons from infancy. Just this one guardrail should have been enough to protect people from what has happened, but they were successfully stampeded past it from behind by the media engine, while being led by line-dancing Judas Goat “medical professionals” in front. This made it possible to effect the very efficient murder of what may well turn out to be billions of people. The sheer work of administering billions of injections is a vast undertaking, but the script was the same one used during the Spanish Flu. It had masks and the injection of “serums” and people were stampeded into not noticing that everywhere the serums went, the “flu” seemed to “spread.” (There is an interesting interview between Dr. Thomas Cowan and an engineer named Shimon who studied this.)

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Yep, it's a schizopost, but you did warn us.

I almost bailed out halfway through, thinking this page was a lost cause on this subject, but I'm glad I kept going, because you stuck the landing.

Your characterization of the 'no virus' camp is full of confusion and inaccuracy, and because you just wrote your thoughts on the issues, no harm done in my view. I wish there was more open & respectful discussion of the issues you address.

I've been part of the 'no virus' group for more than 20 years, long before there was any group. I came across the work of German virologist/microbiologist Dr. Stefan Lanka around 2002, and because most of his work was in German, and his English was poor, it took me many years and lots of painful research to figure out his arguments. He's been tirelessly exposing the fraud of virology for almost 30 years, with 'the fraud' being the fact that nobody has ever scientifically proven the existence of a virus. I'll spare you the details, not knowing if you're interested.

The 'no virus' people only hold that a 'virus' has never been scientifically proven to exist, not just a 'SARS-CoV-2 virus, but any virus. The virology research claims of more than a century are pure fraud, with the fraudulent methods established by the Rockefeller Institute for Medical Research, which was a leading part of the Rockefeller/Gates takeover and monopolization of medicine in the early 20th century.

That has absolutely nothing to do with 'terrain theory'. Because some of the newbies to the 'no virus' group also happen to believe in terrain theory as a cause of disease does not marry that to the century-long virology fraud. I am not part of the 'terrain theory' camp, and neither is Lanka.

Similarly, what you call 'contagion' has nothing to do with the lack of scientific proof of 'viruses'. Stating that without another explanation for 'contagion' that you like better, you're gonna stick with faith if 'viruses', a theory for which you have no scientific evidence to back up, seems to me to just be a commitment to keeping religion in lieu of reason.

What if this infinitely intelligent reality we live in requires us to let go of the false, irrational beliefs before we can see the paradigm that could be if humans were rational? I suggest that the better explanation you're waiting for will never come unless the mind opens and makes lots of space first.

The 'no-virus' argument also has nothing to do with what did or didn't actually make people sick, or what actually killed people, or whether or not there was a massive military psyop launched in 2020, or whether or not there was a lab in Wuhan that was doing some kind of biological warfare research.

The 'no virus' argument is a matter of science, or at least should be, that sits all by itself. If people were rational, that is.

You did mention that 'covid-19' started as a computer model, and it still is only found as a computer model. Have you not followed Christine Massey's FOIA campaign of the past 2 1/2 years, documenting that no government or research institution in the world, to this day, has proof of isolation of a SARS-CoV-2 'virus'? Her group is well over 250 written responses, and not one claim that such a virus exists.

I do believe your description of your two illnesses that you're calling 'covid', and I do think there's a new, widespread illness that started in late 2019-early 2020. I think it was obvious by March 2020, when the NYC hospitals were filled, that something unusual was happening. Sometime in March 2020, I saw a video from a lead ICU doc in one of the major NYC hospitals, that he recorded at home after a hard shift. He explained the symptoms they were seeing, and that they were nothing like the pneumonia that they'd been told 'covid' would cause. I think his name was Saidel, and I can't find the video anymore. He said people had clear lungs, but had acute hypoxemia, with plummeting blood oxygen saturation, and he'd never seen anything like it before. They were given a protocol that when the blood O2 reached a certain level they had to put the person on a ventilator. He described patients who were sitting up and having normal conversation with him, pleading to not be put on the ventilator, but the hospital did it anyway, and they were all dying. The NYC hospitals literally killed over 90% of all their 'covid' patients in 2020.

So yes, there was/is a new illness that doctors had never seen before, and the cause will likely never be known, because almost everyone believes the virus fiction created by the Rockefellers.

One of the things people would've realized in 2020 if thinking rationally is that hypoxemia is not a lung problem; it's a blood problem. The vast majority had clear lungs; no sign of the claimed 'respiratory virus'. Hypoxemia, when in normal air, means that the blood isn't able to pick up oxygen, so reason suggests looking at the blood. A few smart doctors who did found systemic blood coagulation. And this is why HCQ worked; it's a strong blood alkalizer. Putting someone who has systemic blood coagulation on a ventilator is a death sentence, which obviously was the plan.

Anyway, when I first saw Dr. Saidel's video, my first thought was cyanide, as that's exactly how cyanide kills: systemic blood coagulation. But obviously cyanide presents a major problem with method of exposure, globally. And the 'covid' symptoms were less acute than cyanide exposure, but much longer lasting, and global, so to me that pointed to some new toxin that's poisoning the blood of people all over the planet. And now there's lots of evidence that that's exactly what has happened.

Sorry, my comment is long, so I'll wrap by saying that I think you hit the target with your closing theory of the 'dulling' of humanity in order to make it easier for the rulers to pull off a radical and disruptive agenda. That's always been the true reason for vaccinations, and for fluoride in the water, and mercury in the teeth, and the pervasive poisoning otherwise, but it still wasn't enough, so the poisoning program was radically intensified beginning in late 2019. Now, graphene oxide is in the air we breathe, and it's in the 'covid' vaccines, and it's slowly killing all life on Earth. And everyone is ignoring being poisoned, because they're so sure it's all because of a virus that nobody can find.

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If they truly created a bioweapon that made everyone stupider kudos to them. I didn't think such a feat was possible. Me thinks you're on the right track though, with a few more missing steps.

There's one rabbit hole you haven't been down. Perhaps in thought, but not in writing.



Barrie Trower knows. They refused to award him his research PhD at Essex on this. In the UK, a PhD is needed for expert witness testimony in court cases. They refused his, and banned him from campus for 30 years. If Sci fi is your thing, follow the 5G is a weapon trail and G.O. tipped pokers causing anosmia. At the end of this rabbit hole you don't even need a virus. When I got sick last April for the first time in 16 years (flu/covid etc), I checked nperf site two weeks later and they had just put this shit up on my street outside my building.


Inject people with G.O., spray GO in the skies (geoenginwatch dot org), infect them with pokers. Control them via 5G frequencies with 100k above in LEO and millions on every street corner. You can make them sick, detached, nervous, stupid, suicidal, homicidal.


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We know from history the CIA et al are willing to do all kinds of experiments with medical treatments (MK Ultra, etc), the global media was already coordinated on messaging. Public was primed to fear a pandemic from multiple movies and video games, doomsayers, even Bill Gates. As well, many looked forward to larping a pandemic.

A very small team could make some nudges in media, release the virue into the targeted spreader population and given the above factors, a small spark blows up into an out of control global firestorm.

Point being I've been very hesitant to believe that such a campaign is within any groups ability to contain or execute. But with all the factors lined up the way they are a few smart people could do this. Very likely most, if not all, global leaders didn't know about it. Who knows, maybe this has been tried many times before and the fuse fizzled out before it hit the powder.

Mayba RNA is the CIA's LSD of this century.

And yes, I do think that we've gotten dumber. And agree it could easily be from the virus/vax combo.

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If I hear someone saying the loss of smell or taste during a cold is a "novel" phenomenon one more time, I am going to lose my shit.

Call me a crazy old bat, but waaaaay back in the 1970s when I was a wee child, I remember people saying all the time: "You know, when you have a cold, if you bite into an apple and a raw potato, you won't be able to tell the difference - because when you have a cold, you often lose your sense of smell and taste."

Does anyone else remember this?

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