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This retired lieutenant commander agrees with you.

A war would hurt lots of people, so I can't wish that. But one thing a war would bring is the toppling of our governmental system, and that I can only welcome.

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Americans already lost the war a long time ago.

They have been poisoned by the medical/military/ag industrial complex for 7 decades. (My late husband and mother are two of the victims.) My grandparents raised my mother a mile downstream from what is one of the most polluted military bases (Griffiss). Good thing she had me at 20 because she wouldn’t have had any kids after age 25.

Covid vaccines are just getting the final solution 4 decades later to what was started long ago. And the list of misfits you rattle off are the victims too.

When “nations” fight, only the people lose. When you have societies larger than a few hundred, psychopaths rise to the top like turfs in a toilet bowl. In a society of billions, it’s much worse.

This is the logical endpoint of a degree of centralized power the human race has never seen.

At least I’m close enough to DC that I might get completely wiped off the map if it does happen. Not sure I’d want to live in the places “in between.”

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Great analysis, and I'm no expert in any of this either, but observing from the other side of the planet it does seem America is now crippled with an autoimmune disorder affecting the brain and the body and a serious case of dissociative identity disorder - She has fallen so far.

And if Hollywood makes one more movie where the President of the United States is hailed as the "leader of the free world" I'm going to puke and know for certain the USA is also completely delusional.

This is not only tragic for the USA but frighteningly dangerous for a country like Australia in a global conflict... I should have learnt Chinese in high school!

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I'm not sure what America's strategy is in Ukraine/WWIII. I'm not sure our leaders even have one; maybe they're just winging it.

I mean, do they expect they're gonna nuke Russia and then yell "no backsies"?

Do they intend to put boots on ground with their BIPOC transgendered army and liberate Ukraine in a conventional war?

Just what is the strategy?!?

I think they're just improvising, taking it day by day, and doing what America does best: throw fake greenbacks at the problem and hope for the best. Money printer go brrr.

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it was the Messerschmidt 262, not a 242. ME-262. here is a video of one of the rare sfill flying birds with their amazing BMW pure jets. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kKKGXeg7udE. i met an Eastern Airlines captain who flew one during the war…

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No one knows what will happen, but I am sure nobody here (USA) is going to like WW3.

Excellent stack, the people are generally weak, at investor elite behest, and the opposition must know this intimately and the reason they are now pressing.

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Good. What I would add is this. In regard to South America, Chinese consortiums have for over a decade been heavily involved and invested in mining copper and rare earth minerals. So we should not casually assume that the USA will have priority access to South American resources -- even though the supply chain from South to North is shorter and much more easier defended. The Chinese, in a matter of speaking, have already picked the low-hanging fruit.

What else? Worth paying a visit to Belt Road Research Platform, a joint collaboration between the Leiden Asia Centre, the Clingendael Institute, and the Leiden University Institute for Area @ Studies. https://www.beltroadresearch.com/

Why? China is the number 1, number 2, or number 3 trade partner for most nations in South America. Under the Monroe Doctrine, it might be our military sphere of influence -- and hence largely political in that sense. But it no longer is our economic sphere of influence : and this true even for the South American nations which currently use the US dollars as their currency.

What else? Whereas I am not quite entirely in agreement with your assessment of South Korea and Japan, let me point out that both nations are MUCH MUCH closer to China. The supply chain between the USA and Japan/South Korea during a potential WW3 would be a nightmare. If you sink a ship a kilometer or so away from the destination port, that's just as good if not better as sinking it half way across the world. If you trash the destination ports -- no unloading facilities, no fuel terminals -- then the ships can just que off-shore. Little good will come from that. Etc.

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Great article very thorough. I can't wish for war and death though and can't fathom why they seem hellbent in that direction. One hopes the nooses come out sooner rather than later...

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One more thing, in 1941 we could ration oil and gasoline plus a host of other products. Try doing that now that people don’t dare live near an American urban area. After 9-11 Bush2 told Americans to go out and buy crap and go to Disneyland.

We are not a serious country nor are we anything resembling a cogent culture.

Good luck with your war dumbasses.

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first, i truly admire ur website name etc. what a fantastic character. JC and Tarzan are still my idols today 40 years after meeting them. thanks ERB and thanks to you for the memories. thx also to your poetic and stimulating words. secondly, given the global order is sewing seeds of discord. is their agenda a post apocalyptic age? what a bizzare agenda they pursue. if we only knew the location of each castel we could storm, sapp and erect the guillotine. it is time for the guillotine again. the cake is great, but we've enough

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A couple of Substackers are talking about nuclear war lately. What are the odds you think this would happen and would it be more of a limited tactical nuke thing if so, or something more catastrophic (like 50% population loss from most cities getting nuked)? And... timeline?

I need to know whether to go for the practical car with more storage space and a roof rack, or the sportscar with zero cargo space. 😂

Kind of a joke. But I don't watch the TV so I am actually somewhat serious about this question.

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I was reminded of your excellent analysis when I heard this podcast about the USA/NATO efforts to steer us into World War III with Russia: https://www.audacy.com/podcasts/battleground-america-40582/sure-looks-like-the-swamp-is-setting-up-ww3-1486492240

Looks like we'll be seeing your analysis proved right sooner rather than later. My God, these people are insane and so insanely stupid. It's like the captain of the Titanic ordering the ship to ram the iceberg at full speed.

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Great article.

You say you are not an Expert — but then again, who is?

How many people in the world can give a high-level geopolitical analysis of each individual nation involved in a theoretical global war?

Then take that information, and compile it into a useful war game?

The best we can do is Autistically sift through data, and apply the cognitive elasticity of the "G-factor" of our smartest talent... obsessive, curious people who are brilliant thinkers.

Really loved your essay; I learned a lot.

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The assumption is the government is American. Perhaps Quisling was more representative of Norway than our bought hirelings are of the USA. I think war by elite capture to create the Global Totalitarian order is what we see. Biden was bribed. Clinton-both-hirelings as we know from missile tech sold to China and 20% of our Uranium sold to Russia. In elite capture the grifters rule the roost and ensure any war is lost. After such a conflict depending on severity surely survivors will not favor nationalism but international government.

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Absolutely correct - even the whole of Nato combined fighting Russia on their doorstep would mean the complete annellation of the West's military capability. Absolute madness. As a reference the UK can supply a total force of 7000 men, supplied with ammo and supported on the field for two weeks!

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A disturbing thought experiment, for sure. And this time around, the West will be accurate in its assessment that the enemy possesses "weapons of mass destruction".

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