Aisling Murphy was a lovely 23 year old who was brutally murdered by a 31 year old Slovakian Gypsy while out running in Ireland in January of 2022.

He is a father of five who had been living in Ireland and collecting welfare and disability despite being in perfect health.

The papers at the time of her murder reported the police line that she had been strangled. It emerged during the trial that she had been stabbed multiple times and had died screaming in terror. The media never corrected their initial story.

The trial just concluded with a guilty verdict last week and really primed the pump for this rioting.

Things are really on the boil.

The only thing worse than the despicable Irish political class is the execrable Irish journalist class.

Another great essay- time for me to start paying my fair share.

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Damn. You and MacGregor both make me want to reclaim my heritage - and not by drinking Guinness. I’ve been saying it awhile now, the snapback is going to be worse. To quote a friend of mine from Appalachia - “The folks in government need to realize that historically... like, for all of human history, white people don’t lose wars of survival.”

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Ireland has Connor sounding the alarm.

America has Alex sounding the alarm.

"We are supposed to say we are for Hammas sneaking in and attacking a bunch of innocent people or we are for Israeli ethnic cleansing.

No how bout this, I'm not part of your operation.

I'm not gna sit here and watch while my life and my children's lives are ruined while you put your wreckage in my country. I demand Benjamin Netanyahu take 20 Palestinians into his house and I demand his candy ass son in Miami suit up in body armor and go to Gaza and fight these people or get the hell out of my world and I don't say this because I hate jews. I say this because I'm not a toilet bowl for you to sit on and shit on"

Alex Jones

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The reality is that Varadkar will be completely under the control of his masters - the skeletons in his closet probably come in the shape of very young boys.

The reality is that the young men of Ireland have had enough, and there will be no containing their virile young male energy.

The reality is that Conor McGregor has the means to organize that energy and turn it into a force that will overcome the traitors in Ireland.

Long live the Fighting Irish.

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Are you sure you have all the details correct? I was reading a statement from the Irish police a few hours ago and they said the riots were caused by "misinformation" and also that they were refusing to release any details about the perpetrator. Presumably details of his heritage would have led to even more noxious rounds of misinformation.

On a serious note, it really is remarkable how the people who man these institutions hate their fellow countrymen.

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MacGregor would probably win any election in Ireland at this point. It’s only suiting the fighting Irish are ruled by a fighter. And boy does this world need that island of rough and tumble drunks to punch some lizard people in the teefs

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Varadkar was projecting. He accused them of is what he himself is. The masks he claims they hide behind are the ones he puts on to look into the camera. He is the cowardly champion, easily led into darkness.

He will not divide Ireland.

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Thank you for writing this! It's brilliant, spot-on.

Last time I was in Dublin I didn't recognize large swathes of it, which are African and Arab now. Why are they there? FOR MONEY, at the expense of Irish people. I don't recall any of them wanting to move to Ireland before Ireland had money. They have zero legitimate reason to be in Ireland at all.

Thanks for pointing out that Varadkar likes to take dick up the ass. I didn't know that before, but it makes perfect sense.

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Learn from the left how to turn protests into political capital. Immediately reframe all imprisoned rioters as demonstrators, put their names on posters and call them political prisoners, demand their release. If they get released, you have empowered the radical base. If they are kept, they become a cause galvanizing the sympathizers. The Irish should know how that works.

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The mostly peaceful protests in Ireland proves one thing:

That mass-murder and enslavement of indigenous white populations are the entire point of mass-migration; the political and medial response both shows this clear as day, and also prove assumptions that the multicultural agenda isn't just a virtue signalling fad or cynical ploy by the rich and famous.

Media, civili servants, police, fire dep. and so on all showed up en masse not to support their own people but to follow orders issued by the traitors in office.

Same as here.

Can confirm your assumptions re: Sweden and slavery, et c. It's been tried a couple of times and was laughed off. Instead, the startegy is and has been since the 1970s to guilt-trip us with the Great Lie that poverty in Africa is our fault, somehow in someway never really specified or defined.

The reason it worked in the first place is a deep-seated guilt among the generations born before the 1980s: That we didn't go to war to aid Finland against the USSR, and that we (read: major banks and capitalist clans of industrialists) played Axis and Allies against the profit margin to stay out of WW2. Sweden holds the dubious distinction of being the only nation who had to pay reparations to all sides in that war, including Germany.

For people of my age and older, there's a smidgen of lingering guilt about this, despite not having been around then. That guilt plus our leadership caste's sense of grandiosity thinking us a "humanitarian superpower" (actual quote) and morally superior to all others is the ideological bear-trap we've set for ourselves.

Swedish regime and state media initially reported the stabbings as the work of "irish nazis". This has been scrubbed since, but no corrections published. Such an ugly tactic, and it still works. Sadly, the swedes who are coming around to realise that we are in it deep, are still largely in the "where can we move to get away"-mindset. The backed-into-a-corner feeling isn't really there yet.

I really hope the irish can convince the Garda to remember that the first duty of a policeman (or a soldier) is the wellbeing of the people, not the state or the ruler or the capitalists.

Familj, fränder, folk, fosterland.

Family, kith&kin, people, motherland.

That's the chain of loyalty and duty. No guesses as to why all liberal, capitalist, communist and progressive politics have always assaulted the family. Destroy the family and all else follows.

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We need leaders all over the West to lead the people against the psychopath class.

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I hope to see the day when Ireland throws off an occupation far more insidious and evil than the English ever dreamed of being. It has always baffled me how they could spend so long fighting for independence and identity and then almost immediately turn around and sell it all down the river for trinkets. Like, what was even the point?

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Great essay.

“Another possibility is that the managerial class, having found the indigenous White populations troublesomely creative, independent, and hard to control, has elected to turn satire into reality, and dissolve the people and elect another.”

Exactly my analysis. I would substitute “managerial class” for “the controllers.” This is third-rail territory but if we continue not to see it crystal clearly at this stage of the cancer, the children of the world are heading into an unprecedented dark age. Also note: creativity and independence are an acquired taste, nourished by many Western values. But they are color-blind. The tactic of migrant and immigrant FLOODING sabotages assimilation and prevents the acquired taste from developing.

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The goal is for it to become socially unacceptable to acknowledge the truth. In doing so, people live in a false reality.

When people can't talk, they can't come to agreements. This keeps people from organizing, and pushing for change.

That's the entire goal of everything PC (Politically Correct). It's about limiting speech around specific topics.

That's why they're going to come down on the protesters, because they went around the PC control mechanism.

"All tyrannies rule through fraud and force, but once the fraud is exposed they must rely exclusively on force." - George Orwell

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Thank you for this. Saw the atrocity that triggered it, but was encouraged to see the reaction it elicited.

A couple thoughts from this USian of mixed white ancestry, part Nebraska/Missouri English, part Pennsylvania Deutsch:

1) Push, and then push some more. Elections only go so far in this heavily censored and herded world in the West, and are only so efficacious, but but still worth the effort. Perhaps couple this with general strikes, and publicity from foreign news services not under the thumb of the EU, comprador state that Ireland now is. Protests right up to the limit the law permits, and when protesters are abused by the State, use this to fuel future even larger protests. Tie these tactics together; one stick can be snapped, but bundle them together and that is no longer so easy.

2) Shame the government and their vital partners in crime, the media. Stand on their feet, and shout in their faces, relentlessly.

3) While Roman Catholicism in Ireland has fallen in the estimation of much of the public, the Irish have their own noble tradition of Christianity upon which to draw. The feckless wreckers who gave the Roman Catholic Church such an blow are, more likely than not, the sort who align with the Anti-Pope, Bergoglio. As with the trad Catholics in the US, who know that no sympathy can be looked for from those people and the hierarchy that they have suborned, they nonetheless live their understanding of the Faith. Perhaps, by looking toward the ancient Irish Christian Church, something like this can be initiated among the people of Faith in Ireland that can give structure and a spiritual backbone to those who wish to return Ireland to the Irish, a nation which struggled for so long to throw off foreign domination, only to in one generation sell their birthright like Esau for a mere bowl of soup.

You have companions in this no doubt drawn out struggle over here who wish you well.

I found this post linked at Western Rifle Shooters Association blog, just so you know.

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